Will It Benefit Me To Get Treated With Zirconia Fixed Bridges In Wall Township, NJ?

Dr. Isreali talking to a patient, while gesturing with his hands, about his zirconia fixed bridge procedure.

When people have a full arch of missing teeth, they will want to restore their smile with zirconia fixed bridges in Wall Township, NJ. Unlike traditional dentures that are unstable, not natural looking, and unreliable, zirconia fixed bridges give patients stable, natural looking, and reliable new teeth that allow them to live their lives normally. […]

How Is My Smile Restored With Zirconia Fixed Bridges In Wall Township, NJ?

a full arch zirconia fixed bridge that has four dental implants in them so they can be securely placed in the patients jawbone.

After getting treated with full mouth dental implants, patients can restore their smile with a zirconia fixed bridge in Wall Township, NJ. The zirconia fixed bridge will be securely attached to the patients full mouth dental implants. A zirconia fixed bridge will allow patients to eat the foods they want, speak in comfort, and smile […]