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Straighter Teeth for a Beautiful Smile and Better Oral Health

When you think about your dream smile, do you envision gorgeous, straight, symmetrical teeth? Maybe you had braces as a kid, but your teeth have shifted over time. Maybe you never got the chance to have straight teeth to begin with. If your teeth are crowded, crooked, or have gaps, you may wonder if you should find an orthodontist near you in Wall Township, NJ. But isn’t it too late to get braces as an adult? Won’t it be awkward to have a mouth full of metal? Is it really worth all that work and expense just for pretty teeth?

Straightening your teeth is about more than just a pretty smile. When your teeth are rotated, poorly aligned, crowded, or spaced, it can cause serious problems. Crowding and poor spacing can create plaque traps, making you more prone to decay and gum disease. An uneven bite can put strain on your jaw joint and closing muscles, leading to injury and even arthritis over time. Bite problems also put extra pressure on some teeth, while not properly engaging others. This can lead to wearing on the enamel, chipping, cracking, and damage to the nerves and roots of your teeth.

A healthy bite is the foundation for great oral health. It also helps ensure that other treatments like porcelain veneers, dental implants, and crowns can last as long as possible. Invisible aligners are a great option to improve the health and balance of your bite, and give you straight, beautiful teeth, without the need for braces!

Ditch Bulky Brackets!

Orthodontics have come a long way in the past several years. There are so many options to subtly straighten your teeth without the need for bulky braces. Clear aligners like Invisalign® can give you straight teeth and a better bite without giving you brace face!

Traditional braces are not only noticeable when you smile and speak. They can also be incredibly uncomfortable. They can rub and snag on your lips, cheeks, and tongue, an apply painful pressure to move the teeth. Clear aligners made of thin, low-profile hard resin can straighten your teeth without brackets or wires.

Why Opt for Invisalign?

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What Makes Invisalign the Best Option for Clear Aligners?

These days, there are many options for clear aligners. So how is Invisalign different than other clear aligners? First and foremost, Invisalign uses a precise and comprehensive system to address all aspects of your orthodontic health. Some clear aligner systems boast quick results without frequent visits to a dentist or orthodontist. Unfortunately, they tend not to properly monitor your bite, but only create cosmetic changes, meaning you may end up with discomfort, jaw strain, and sensitivity. They also tend to advertise the fastest results. However, moving the teeth too quickly can damage the nerves and roots of the teeth, leading to severe problems in the long run.
Invisalign uses gentle yet effective pressure, carefully calibrated for quick results while protecting the health of your teeth. Because Dr. Israeli will be with you every step of the way, we’ll be able to make any necessary adjustments to avoid potential problems. Many dentists have also observed that other aligners tilt the teeth, rather than truly shifting them. They’ll look straighter right away but tend to relapse quickly. With proper maintenance, you’ll enjoy your long-lasting Invisalign results indefinitely!
The Invisalign process uses state-of-the-art technology to create a digital model of your teeth and gums. Computer models then simulate each step of your orthodontic process with precision. You’ll be able to see your final results in advance, meaning you know what you can look forward to and stay motivated to complete your treatment so you can enjoy your dream smile!

Find out how Invisalign can give you a beautiful, healthy smile!

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